Annual Reports

Partnership for Action on Road Safety – Annual Reports

Partnership for Action on Road Safety

Facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration is essential. This initiative seeks to mobilize public-private sector collaboration to implement local demonstration projects that help cities reduce deaths and injuries caused by traffic crashes.

This Partnership aims at contributing to advance road safety targets by:

  1. Increasing public awareness of road safety risk factors.
  2. Building the capacity of government authorities to implement holistic, evidence-based approaches that improve road safety.
  3. Promoting the development of public-private partnerships to accelerate progress.

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

Road safety is an urgent development priority, a major public health problem, and a social equity issue
In 2022 alone, 6,880 beneficiaries were reached through learning, training, and knowledge-sharing services in areas related to road safety. With 27 ongoing and planned road safety interventions worldwide, we have trained public policy officials, civil society, and educators, with special emphasis on those who make decisions and those who aim to make our cities safe, resilient, and sustainable.

2021 Annual Report

Looking forward to 10 more years of global road safety commitments
Although ambitious, the target of achieving a 50% reduction in global road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030 is realistic and achievable if solutions are implemented consistently over the coming 10 years. Following a multi-stakeholder approach and in close collaboration with partners from the “Partnership for Action on Road Safety”, UNITAR is committed to supporting road safety efforts worldwide through training public policy officials, increasing public awareness, and supporting education.

2020 Annual Report

Moving our training to online
With 2020 being a year marked by the outbreak of COVID-19, the virus challenged us and altered our lifestyles like no other crisis has ever. The pandemic has changed how we live, work, and interact globally. Certainly, this shift in training has been challenging. Still, it also has been a testimony to the strong alliance of the “Partnership for Action on Road Safety” and its resilience to overcome any situation together, to keep supporting knowledge sharing, promoting the development of learning materials, and encourage systematic, recurrent, and results-oriented road safety interventions through collaboration.

2018 – 2019 Report

Joining Forces for Road Safety
Through the Initiative “Partnership for Action on Road Safety” UNITAR, with the support of AB InBev and in collaboration with its network of affiliated “CIFAL” training centres worldwide, academic institutions and the private sector are contributing to advance road safety targets.